Saturday, January 05, 2008

The other exhibition...

we visited at the V&A was called "Out of The Ordinary: Spectacular Craft" this one does not finish until 17th February 2008 and is well worth a visit.
This was part of one of my favourite installations
made of fragements of lace and net
more here, Anne Wilson look at her Portable Cities,
When I was a child I used to love to make house with playing cards, with holes in the roof so you could see into the "rooms", these pins and lace and threads had a similar effect on me you could get down on a level with them and see whole town and land scapes.

This may look like a cloth put down to protect the furniture from paint splashes, but those paint "splashes" are stitched!!! More on the artist here.Susan Collis gives links to her works showing "paint stain"

These are more pictures of the other installations on the V&A site, it was an added bonus to the Couture exhibition.


Jacqui said...

I love most of this show but the Susuan Collis exhibit just left me cold to be honest.

It also brought the perennial question when is craft, craft and when is art, art? Having done a whirl wind tour of the art shows in London during my brief visit in December, it was a question I ask myself over and over, because this show looked like an "art" show.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to the Golden Age of Couture but I did wander around the V&A for an hour or so, the painting gallery where there are several notable paintings and the textile galleries.

It is so many years since I visited the V&A (when I actually lived in London) I had forgotten what a huge museum it is. Just wish I had more time.

Leah said...

cool installation! i love the use of netting and lace. thanks for sharing pics!