Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The prompt for Documented life was to add embroidery or embroidery floss to the page.  Totally by chance I came across this creative lady in a post on Needlework News..
Lauren DiCioccio
The books (of course ) jumped out at me

Lauren DiCioccio

and I love her 35mm sewn slides.

Lauren DiCioccio 35mm sewnslides
I just had to try, just a little piece, which made me appreciate the whole. I mounted it on a piece of gelli print.

Off to London to see the Prism exhibition today at the Mall Galleries, in the rain.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wk 19

... just a quickie to keep me on track.  The Documented Life prompt was "Use a rubber stamp in a new way".......well I think I have done everything with a rubber stamp that is legal so I wasn't really inspired but I did have a new Tim Holtz die and distress paint so I used them to produce this page.  The background is made from the holes the die left behind, instant matching stencil!
Warm winter and now the first real warmth of the year has the garden bursting.
Slugs and snails must be bursting too judging by my heliotrope and salvias. Picture would be too distressing.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sara Wk 3.....

 These are my two pages to add to my book for Sara Lechner's challenge. .  Embellishing through paper was interesting to say the least but quite pleased with the outcome.

So excited to see my little girl will be on the big screen in July. This is a filmed version of the West End show.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sara wk 2

Just finished (?) page two of Sara Lechner's challenge.
 I needle felted some pink roving into a piece of  rough silk  This is it placed over page one.  There are some great pages on the link above.
I do like good service and good value so I would just like to give a shout about  Cutting Edge Crafts  . I don't have any affiliation I have just been very pleased on the occasions I have used them. Look forward to receiving my new dies.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wl 19

The phrase I have heard most in the last few days was "Where did April go?"  and now we are nearly half way through May.  So much to do. Documented Life prompt was to "Document a Random Act of Kindness from you" ?????????? I would hope that at some time I have been kind to someone but I certainly can't "document" it so I settled for some very random painting.
  Last week I also did a bit of catching up on my runner.
Recording cat sitting, boro exhibition and traffic jams..............Speaking of which we sat in a beauty on the way home from the  Creative Living Fair in  Eridge, Kent.  Despite the  weather(pouring rain and cold wind, lovely) we had a super time. Definitely on my calendar now, it was a fascinating fair.

Loads of vintage fabrics
and plants
 In fact everything you could think of.  It was lovely to meet Viv of Hen's Teeth and see her work for real. She has some great photos of the show on her blog.
I am working on the second page of the Sara Lechner challenge but my main sewing time has been to start what I hope will become my own take on a piece of boro.  Loads of stitching to do but the Giro D'Italia on TV for 3 weeks should help that along nicely, though I will miss being able to discuss the race with my brother.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Wk 18

Documented life challenge was "add an inspiring quote to guide you".  Help.......there are so many quotes, my mother was a great one for sayings, "Why?" "Because there's railings round the park" was one that springs to mind.  so this is what my spinning mind came up with.
I had to do it twice as I forgot that the pens I was working with were water soluble and washed the whole lot away trying a fancy background.
The quote I should have used my friend informs me was "a swarm in May is worth a load of hay" as on Monday a swarm of bees tried to make our garden rubbish bin their home.  My husband distrurbed them and they were not pleased. Now we do as much as we can to attract bees to our garden but this was a few too many. Half the swarm found their way into the green house
They eventually settled back in the dustbin

 We are so grateful to the young man from the British Bee Keepers Association who came to give them a new home. (wish I'd asked for a photo of him in his bee keepers gear). 
I spent most of my time last week making a book to hold some of the photographs from the Boro exhibition.
Boro style, of course.

I also adjusted my first page for the Sara Lechner challenge.
Additions to page 1. Side added as per Sara's suggestion and beads and a little embroidery.