Friday, January 04, 2008

Day of the Queues

On Thursday my friend and I headed for the V&A to catch the Golden Age of Couture exhibition which ends on Sunday. Unfortunately, it would seem that the whole of South East England had decided to do the same thing!!! Had I thought I could have booked tickets but no, do it the hard way Pat. We joined the queue just before mid day and about twenty minutes later we purchased tickets, (half price thanks to our Art Fund Cards )for 3.45pm. Fortuately the V&A has enough treasures to fill weeks of investigation so what to do with our time was not a problem until we fancied a little lunch. Yes the queue was enormous, now we didn't really feel like popping up the road to Harrods for lunch so we waited patiently. I have to say it was worth waiting for. After lunch we took in the costume court and then thought we might just be able to sneak in a little early. So we queued, in vain, "No you must wait " said the young lady "Please step over there and start a queue!!!!!

So that is my Create Something Everyday for Thursday. I created a queue at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The exhibition was amazing and as always with these big exhibitions too much to take in, in one visit. I particularly liked the area which showed the all the parts which went into these creations,details of the tailoring, the beading and the less than glamourous working conditions of the seamstresses. This is a picture of my mother in a non-couture version of the New Look.

Best of all were the ball gowns, beautiful fabrics and incredible beading and embroidery.

When I first came down to London to work I can remember how we discussed what length hemlines would be this year and what was Vogues' colour for the season, African Violet was the one I always remember. I bought a sweater which cost 29/11d (£1.50 in todays money) and nearly a quater of my wages. On day's up to town I would look out for sylishly dressed women,envying their elegance as the stolled carrying a long rolled umbrella.

Heigh Ho!!

There was another exhibition but I'll save that for another day.


Susan D said...

Well worth the wait then. My Mum would have loved to have seen it, she was a tailoress before she married. It's a shame all the good exhibitions are in London pity they couldn't take it on tour I bet it would be popular.

Joanna said...

THis sounds really facinating. I wish it was closer to where I live.

Susan Lenz said...

Please do tell! Another exhibition? I'll look forward to that post as I so enjoyed this one. Having finally gone to the V & A, I was with you each step of the way....except that I opted NOT to see the couture exhibit. I know that sounds horrible; but with limited time, I just wanted to see the permanent exhibition space and to fall in love with the entire building. This was easy to do; I look forward to future visits. I would have joined you in the queue as the dining facilities at the V & A are second to fact, it is the first museum restaurant ever...and none have managed to equal it.

Again, thanks for this post. I look forward to the new work you will be creating in the coming year.