Monday, January 14, 2008

From Faraway.....

Following the post below Frederique's has led me to the blog of her travels on board the Croque Pomme there are some wonderful photographs of the islands she has visited. One of the miracles of blogging for me is the ability to share the lives and thoughts of people whose lifestyle is completely different from your own. I look forward to following Frederique to places I will never be able to visit.

On Tif it is really good to see other peoples thought process as Ruth in Permutations in Fiber like her one of my original thoughts was to use a celtic design for the unbroken line, the thing I had in mind was the stone we saw in the woods near Tintagel but on closer inspection the line was broken so I discarded it for the moment.

I am not a great one for soft toys but Ullanbenulla posted this picture

and link to Veronique La Font the artist. There is a lot to drool over on this site.

Yesterday I came across a piece about the closure of the Textile Conservation Centre, there was a plea to write to No 10 Downing Street or sign the petition I thought I had marked it but if anyone knows further details can they leave a comment National Conservation Centre. I would be a tragedy if we lost such a resource.This article from The Times


Susan D said...

Annica at
gave a link to the petition, is that what you where thinking of.

sharon young said...

Hi Pat
Wow!! What a lot you gave everyone to think about on this post, some great links, thank you, I will be back to them later.
I was horrified to read your info on the possible closure of the Textile Conservation Centre in Winchester, I did my degree at Winchester and the centre was set up shortly after I graduated, so I have a special interest in the site. I will get onto the petition link (above) ASAP.
I'm so pleased you like the Feb PC, I enjoyed the process of making it very much.Thank you for your lovely comments.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have seen and photographed the stone carved maze at Tintagel.