Thursday, March 31, 2011


not our usual kind but a law based drama on BBC. Best series I have watched for ages.  As there were so many loose ends I hope that means a new series....soon please. If you missed it there is still a chance to watch it here.

and this had me chuckling,

Dream on.......

Last night I dreamed Jude Hill came to my house. She came with a group of my friends, they were all stitching but she had nothing to do so I offered her my bit box which she started to sort through
 When Jude left she promised to come again, which would be lovely. Nice dream. It probably all came about because I am looking forward to joining in the Cloth Whispering Hearts which starts tomorrow.  Before I went to bed I had started to make a cloth which I thought might make a background ,
I have finished the project which I have been working on for eighteen months, I can't show it yet because it will be in our 10th Anniversary exhibition in a couple of weeks time. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Put the flags out......

I had a nice suprise this morning, this little book dropped through my letter box.
It is full of lovely ideas from  decorating shelves to pretty wedding decorations. Published by Search as part of a series called "Twenty to Make" you can find the details here. It has a lot in it for a small book.
 The rest of the titiles are here
With big birthdays and anniversaries coming up this year it couldn't be more timely. Kate's website is here

Friday, March 25, 2011

Citra solv

Thank you to the people who have commented on my last post.  I really can do no better than point you to the instructional videos on the Citra-solv site just click here. There are others on You Tube.  It is incedibly smelly so it is best used out of doors unless you want your house to smell like a marmalade factory.
 This is the one you want, as they make a lot of other products, but you need the concentrate.

I have read that the older National Geographics give a much stronger effect, it is something to do with the method used for printing  but I was happy with the results I achieved on the current issue. Thank you all for your interest, enjoy.

PS There is a lavender perfumed one as well I believe but that is also out of stock on the Ecohip site.Please note I have no affiliation of any of these companies.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just my luck...

Ever since I read about it some years ago I have been wanting to try Citra solv.  A couple of weeks ago I found it was available through Amazon so I ordered a small bottle and bought myself a copy of the National Geographic magazine. i was delighted with the results and immediately ordered a large bottle only to find that the suppliers Ecohip were out stock so I will have to wait before I can experiment further but this is a sample so far.

 I loved this one

and played with it in PSP. and liked it even more.
I then took a selection from it and it became this
A sort of Tolkien landscape, I think.
I hope the new stock comes in soon.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


As I look at the pictures of the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan I wonder, as I have done before, why we have divisions of religion and politics when Nature can reduce us to nothing whenever it wants.

Friday, March 04, 2011


I have just posted my contribution to this months theme of "crescents" over on the Ideas of Inspiration blog. It was a photohraph I took some years ago at the Millenium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place.
 and of course I had to have a little play.