Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer delights........

the trouble with the summer months is that there is always so much on and usually at the same time, so you have to pack it in when you can.

Last week we visited the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy and Art in Action at Waterberry near Oxford. Both were very good days out.

I really enjoyed the Summer Exhibition this year, I loved treatment of the walls in the main rooms, vivid turquoise and shocking pink which really made the paintings pop. All the paintings can be found on line this year so if you can't visit you can at least have a flavour,

This was the treatment of the main staircase (usually just bare stone) by Jim Lambie .

I could have spent the morning photographing from all angles. The highlight for me had to be Tom Phillips' The Humument". 
This is just a small section of this incredible work.
 It needs an exhibition of its own. Or perhaps he would like to lend it to me!  Go here to see it in detail.
From art on the wall to art in action.  Fascinating to watch highly skilled people from painters to jewellers as they work. The first to catch our attention was this young lady who turns newspapers in to thread and then creates garments with it.
The beginning of a portrait. Loved the Van Gogh hat.
a few things from the "Best of the Best" marquee.
Carved from one piece of wood..
A map of London
A ceramic garden
Exquisite painting
Every tried needle felting?
My absolute favourite by Lisa Wisdom  Fascinating story.

You can see three other favourites here
There were a lot of dogs at Art in Action which pleased my friend greatly.

Right what next?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Perfect day........

.....glorious weather, good friends, a favourite place and a warm and generous tutor.  What could be better.
Yesterday we took ourselves to Sew Not Strawberry Jam.  I may be repeating myself but this is one of my most favourite places on this earth,
and yesterday inside this was waiting for us.
A magical day with Christine Kelly who has a beautiful blog called Gentlework 
 And that is what we did, Christine suggested creating a place which could house a keepsake, though we were free to make anything with inspiration from her lovely pieces and if we wished using her generous supply of old quilts, vintage linens, lace and threads.
Here are just a few of the delights

Beautiful, thoughtful pieces drawing on nature and her own inner feelings.

This is my own effort,
The napkin belonged to my mother and I  am using this to make a home for my father's RAF cap badge.   Since I took this is has undergone a tea bath, this is the inside.
A long way to go, I think.

We were able to take a sneaky peak at the latest of SNSJ glamping vehicles. The horse box, you can see the Shepherd's Hut in the background.

The geese at SNSJ are another delight and this one decided to cool off, 
and this one is for you Seth
Thanks Sam, Christine and "The Girls" for a super day.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I've been bad.........

saw a tutorial, wrote down the instructions and didn't make a note of the blog.      I thought it would make a fun day with "The Girls"  and it did, so if anyone recognises the home of this tutorial please let me know.
This is the fun table
and this is the result.
Mine have found a home here
On top of my print tray which is slowly being filled.

Last weekend the weather being too disappointing to go to Kentwell we took ourselves off to Margate, not a seaside day either but we went to see the Grayson Perry Exhibition at the Turner Contemporary.  It was very good, so well displayed so that you could walk right round the vases. We treated ourselves to fish and chips, well it was the seaside.I didn't take any photographs in the exhibition but did take a few,
a dog having a wonderful time playing hide and seek with his own reflection. We watched for ages, he was having such fun, running away and pouncing back.
Gorgeous green

A whimsical lady
and two ancient Minion relations. So looking forward to to new film.

I love the seaside, the tide was in when we arrived but when we left the harbour looked like this.  Wonderful colours everywhere even on a dull day. 

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Ye gods........

nearly half way through June...... running catch up as usual these days....

Apparently costs have driven the Prism exhibition away from the, oh so convenient, Mall Galleries to the backstreets of the East End. There were a few exhibits we liked.

Two apologies, one for the poor photographs and two for not making a note note of the artists which is really annoying.
This one is part of an exhibit  by Bea Sewell, all in closed back boxes ready to reveal their secrets of mementoes of her life.
The venue was round the corner from the Geffrye Museum where you can walk through time in different rooms from the 1600s to the 1990s. It also has this lovely garden room,
which we though would make a rather good workroom. I wish!.
The grounds are lovely too with magnificent trees.
We had a peek in Jessie Chorley's shop,
Loved this bunting.
A visit to the East End wouldn't complete without some graffitti. How about this one?

I have actually made something which is now on my workroom door. It started with a stip of canvas, continued on a "and then" basis not knowing what the end product was going to be.  Totally useless article but great fun.
and I have spent some time in the garden where the roses are just coming to there first flush,
DH is improving daily but just in case we can't make it  the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is on line this year. Saves the queues but still hoping to go for real.