Thursday, May 26, 2011


Annual visit to Prism today.  As I walked down the Duke of Yorks steps I heard military music, now I am a sucker for a brass band and/or soldiers marching especially in London so imagine my delight when I found there was a full scale rehearsal for the Trooping of the Colour taking place. Sorry no sound which was very stirring.

I really enjoyed the exhibition this year, there was a great variety and many pieces I liked very much.  For me the highlight of the day was meeting a delightful lady called Bea Sewell.  We fell into converation admiring the work of Debbie Williams.Unfortunately I cannot find a link for Debbie.

No copyright breach intended please advise and image will be removed.
Later in the conversation  I realised that Bea was responsible for the exhibit which had kept me captivated for a long time.

 No copyright breach intended please advise and image will be removed.
All the samples on this tree are a result of natural dyes and over on the right are the most enchanting little note books which had examples of her natural dyeing experiments.  It's a good job they were tied down or else.....the little pots around the tree held examples of the plants and berries she has used.  The whole experience was a delight,  I hope to see her again at Kentwell which she told me about and which sounds a fascinating and entertaining day out.

I really found this an inspiring exhibtion this year.  Next year they have to ajust their times to fit in with the Olympics, they will be a week later i think and we will have beach volley ball on Horse Guards instead of soldiers....
PS.  When I came out I was going to take a picture of a rather magnificent Stars and Stripes I had noticed but  President Obama must have left Buckingham Palace while I was in the exhibition becasue it had already been taken down. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A day at the seaside....

Yesterday (on the one cloudy day this week)  I went to the seaside, to Margate, the home of the brand new Turner Contemporary.  The building looks a little like a big tin shed so I took pictures of the sea instead.
 and the harbour wall indicating something special was nearby.

I could have happily have spent the whole day playing with this window!

which made full value of the nothern light which Turner loved so much about this town. i would have liked a movie camera to capture the stange effects of the replestions as people walked to and from the window,

In the galleries upstairs there was of course a Turner of the Volcano which you can see on the website, my friend and I stood before it and both felt as though we were being drawn into the painting so that details which at first were hidden became clear.  The whole painting filled with more light as we looked at it.  I have never experienced this before and would have thought it was imagining it, if my friend hadn't confirmed it.

My favourite of the artists on show in the gallery was Russel Crotty this may be because of my present interest in Sun, Moon and Stars or because of my old love of geography, lettering, the sea........whatever.....I liked it a lot.
Do click for a closer view, you will be amazed.
Margate is a town in need of a lot of TLC, so sad, but hopefully the Turner Contemporary will help fill the empty tables.
Excellent Fish and Chips at Peters Fish Factory.....good day

Saturday, May 14, 2011

In control.......

I would love to have this control over my machine. this from P Nosa via Craft.  Might be fun trying.

Thursday, May 05, 2011


I don't know who created these pictures of Johhny Depp and Angelina Jolie as there is no credit on the Damn Cool Pics site , you can see more here. Fun.