Friday, July 31, 2009

Gifts and intruction....

We all know the internet is a wonderful way of bringing like minded people together but today I was able to go one better than that. This morning I met Britt of Stitchety Grub at the V&A museum in London. Our first task was to identify each other but as soon as I saw the stylishly dressed young woman I knew I had found her. Our second task was to have a cup of tea and exchange gifts. I was overwhelmed by this collection (all individually wrapped, people who know me will understand my marvelling)

Who could not be delighted with this wonderful collection, the gum tree fruit is destined for my Christmas tree, I loved the fabrics based on Aborigine art and the beautiful variegated silks and threads, hand dyed by Britt. There is a beautiful beaded guard for my embroider scissors, I am already in Britt's debt for my scissor keeper and needle case, and of course the wild woman brooch which I immediately added to my outfit.

After all this excitement we went to the Textile room. I have always admired lace but after Britt's knowledgeable explanation of howe it is made I am even more in awe.

We than became ladies who lunch and I was fascinated by how Britt juggles family and all her lace and textile interests.

We finished by admiring some diamonds and some chocolates in Harrods. We bought the chocolates.

A lovely day, with a lovely lady.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh dear.....

not another reason to become atached to the computer. Yesterday I was directed to One & Other. My friends brother has actually taken part. This is the occupation of the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square by ordinary mortals each having an hour to make there mark.It is the inspiration of Antony Gormley. I had actually seen someone when I was in town but he didn't seem to be doing much except talking on his mobile, which I suppose is a quite contemporary statement, but I hadn't realised that the whole thing is live on line.Eat you heart out Big Brother.

Yesterday we visited the House Mill in east London. There has been a flour mill on this site for centuries and there were some very interesting holes!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hole in one...

I spent the afteroon watching the Open on TV. It turned out to be a bit of an anti climax but the time wasn't wasted as I was catching up with my Holey Moley excercises as I watched. Here is this afternoon's results

and this is the book cover I made for my notes

and these are the samples of my flower stitcher thanks to a suggestion from Doreen.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today was the South East Area day of the Embroiderers Guild at Ardingly, at 7am I loaded the car with everyones work and with Marien wearing her "don't panic" brooche we set off. No one said that part of my usual route was going to be closed! The leafy lanes of Sussex are beautiful on a summer's morning.......but panic was definitely rising as we tried to find an alternative route.

We did arrive in time and and set up our exhibit which we had called "Trash to Treasure" the overall theme of the exhibition being "Re-invent, recreate and recycle - Embroidery for the 21st century. I wish I could show you all the branches, Brighton won the day with a very striking and topical "Rubbish in Space", Tunbridge Wells, who were next to us, had a chair and table set for afternoon tea complete with a vase of flowers, every bit made from denim, very clever. It was so popular with the visitors that Marien remarked that there wouldn't be a bit of denim left in the charity shops come Monday afternoon.

Our own (Sevenoaks) display didn't win any prizes but it won a lot of interest and a lot of smiles. Our theme was trash to treasure and we had rubbish tippling out of a council recycling box interspersed with the members items.

One of the most exciting parts of the day was when the exhibit was filmed by Jennie Rayment and her team for a brand new internet site called Just Hands on TV. Just click on the link to have a look at the exciting venture.

Hung over the boards is my own contribution and tomorrow I will photgraph it properly and show what has been keeping me quite for the last three months.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ice and holes...

The Calendar Girl picture for July was chosen by Pippa
This is my take on it

I painted Tyvek with a rough impression of the image, zapped it and applied it to pale blue satin with freemachine stitching, coered in chiffon and given a beaded edge. It's on it's way to Sandy in America.
From the other side of the world came my Holey Moley lessons. These are few of the experiments.

I have to confess that I enhanced the colour a bit on this one.

After I had scanned this one I set it aside and then realised that it was tanding on a coaster which had a "hole" in it and the fact that it was standing made the hole on the paper look completely different.

And again this time catching a flower reflection.

I have been very frustrated because I can't do any the slash and burn stuff,(I am housing some EG stuff in my workroom at the moment and don't dare do anything near it) on the note of burning I took a trip to Art Van Go this week, on my (long) list was Kunin felt. Would you believe that the makers of Kunin felt have started to put a flame retardant in it. So it won't burn...... Now what are we going to do?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Holey Moley.....

Some time ago I signed up for a year long season of lessons with Dale Rollerson of The Thread Studio and today the first thought provoking lesson has arrived. This is real distance learning and one of the joys of the internet. The course if labelled the Holey Moley Club and is a sort of a mystery tour as Dale is keeping the elements close but not suprisingly the first lesson is about holes. Now from the little work I have done so far I can see that I could become a bore (hole?..Sorry!) about holes. Just thinking where you find them, lace, cheese,old clothes, stones, and so on is fascinating and of course, I had to google and came across the The Holey Dollar and here one of those fascinating little stories I love and how appropriate that it should be Australian. Briefly in 1813 to overcome a currency shortage (nothing changes) the governor bought Spanish silver dollars and turned them into two coins by cutting a hole in the middle,the coin with the hole was the Holey Dollar and the cut out piece a separate coin known as the Dump..result double the coins in circulation. Clever trick eh!

Photograph Numisnet World Any problem with copyright please advise and image will be removed.
Back to work....