Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who is GaGa me or SAGA?...................................

It is a long time since I had a rant!... Three weeks ago DH renewed our car insurance with Saga.  Two forms, one cheque in the same envelope.  He received his new cover note but I didn't.  We waited a couple of days to take account of the variance of 2nd class post and then I telephoned to find out if  my car insurance was on the way.  No!...........because he had paid on one cheque "they" decided that he had overpaid and they were returning a cheque for the over payment.  No one could  explaine what had happened to my original form but they would send me some more forms.  They sent the forms which we completed and sent off with a new cheque. As of today still no "over payment "cheque! Another phone call tomorrow!!
That was yesterday.  I was told that I had now been insured and the second cheque would be returned to us.   Today my cover note arrived but another phone call had to be made because,  on checking the bank, they had cleared both the original cheque and the second one.  I was told it will take TEN DAYS to issue the cheque for the money they owe us.   Luckily for you words fail me and I won't even start on the press this button, key in this number calls I had to tell the bank we were going on holiday.

Photo is me as Old Min in "The Matchgirls".

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Beast and birds.......

Last week my friend Annie came to stay and we went walking. I won't mention the 145 almost vertical steps, on our first walk, the pain is still too close......We took a lovely walk through the woods from Westerham, around past Chartwell and back to Westerham. I am really enjoying my Patchwork Beast class with Jude Hill at the moment and some sort of heightened awareness had me finding "beasts" at every turn. Camel anyone?
A horned beast
I had put together a cloth in the Spirit Cloth class and was going to add a Beast but the cloth had other ideas.

It is called "Love at First Sight".......... I don't know why, it just is.  I am loving these classes.
Here is me best beast find....a little green man sleeping with a baby dragon....

honest...click and have a close look.