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Monday, April 15, 2013


I thought I would explore a few ideas I found in my wandering...this is the link to a tutorial on making stencils with hot glue and this is my stencil and a test piece.
The I tried glue resist from here,  I didn't have the Elmer's Gel so I tried a Pritt Stick, the white one made quite a good resist
the green stick less so but I still quite like it,

The third thing I tried was from Andy Skinner, well my crackle didn't crackle, (I didn't have the same products) but I really liked the results, especially as the used two acetate prints I have had for ever.
and finally I saw this, again, I didn't have the exact products so my rust became patina instead but I would never have thought of using it on fabric.(the little square)
I had forgotten just how much I like the atc format.  My thanks to all the artists who so generously share their knowledge and gave me a lovely mornings play.  I do which Hobby Craft would up their game, my local branch is undertstocked and over priced. Or better still Michael's  and Joann's open up here and bring a little competition (and all their lovely products)

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Time is going too fast.....I wrote this post and then left it in draft, I was going to add to it later that day.....10 days ago!

I love it when I find a new blog, especially one as interesting and beautiful as Child Illustration the wonderful world of children's books illustration. Hermes also has two other beautiful blogs, for those of you who love Pre-Raphaelite art and another on Victorian paintings Thanks to Ullabenulla who has pointed me down so many fascinating paths.