Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do you think .....

that the Queen saw my TIF piece.

This wonderful portrait by Chris Levine was on the cover of the Telegraph Magazine this weekend. The timing of it amused me.Chris describes himself as a light artist and there are some wonderful examples of his work on his site. He is to have an exhibition at the StolenSpace Gallery March 14-23rd.
If anyone has a copyright issue with this post please contact me and I will delete it.


Purple Missus said...

You have a wonderful sense of humour. :)

Anonymous said...

Nah ... I reckon this picture: is the one taken when she discovered your piece.

But I'm not too sure that she would find the tag of "General Silliness" appropriate.

Oh wait! Yes she would - anyone who loves The Goons would approve of that tag!
Jocelyn in NZ

sharon young said...

What an amazing portrait, wonder what the queen thinks of it!!
Thanks for your comments on the outdoors post, the Birches were really gorgeous and as a bonus I collected some of the shed bark on the ground.