Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I wanted an owl......

and  here he is, I could see the outline in the cloth, he just needed a little help.
He is based on the Athena Owl  and is part of what I hope is going to be an ongoing project.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I don't usually do personal but I am so proud of my brother who built this beautiful boat and I am proud that he named it after me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the end........

of this wonderful summer or sport and celebration.  Yesterday I went up to town to watch the parade of Team GB.  Waiting in the crowd was made fun by a group of Gamesmakers who were still doing there job rousing the crowd with songs and mexican waves, When the parade finally arrived it was difficult to take it all in, needed to cheer, clap, wave a flag and try and take photographs all at the same time .

I was delighted to see some of  the Torch Relay Security team.
 The Red Arrows had everyone cheering. Great Day.
 Just when we thought the excitement was all over Andy Murray wins the first Grand Slam for 76 years. 

What now.........well Strictly Come Dancing starts next week......................

Sunday, September 09, 2012

I wish to go the festival.......

not Into the Woods , though I wouldn't mind seeing that again, but the London Festival.  In perfect weather this year,  with the added buzz of the Paralympics, it was time to jump off the train at London Bridge and follow the walk along the south bank of the Thames, for all kinds of sights and sounds. a very Oriental theme this year with the space in front of the Tate modern given over to South Korea.
 These dancers defied the heat and whirled and twirled their bodies and head dresses, I was so mesmerised by the ribbons that I didn't catch a proper photograph but with a slight move of the head they sent these ribbons into wonderful circles.
This elegant gentleman was happy to pose. I loved his hat.

These dancers are from Japan and must have been sweltering in these heavy padded costumes,
but there was a lovely happy smile inside this one.

There was a firebird from Colombia 

 and some very good Morris Men from West London.

The festival is a annual treat for me and this year with the wonderful vibe there has been in London it was even more special, but at the end of the day I think I would like to have joined these poppets and paddled in the fountain. Love the bloomers and the expression on the little boy face. 
I do hope we are going to keep some of the general pleasantness of this summer. People smiling and a level of politeness that has been missing.  Lets hear it for all the volunteers, wish we could keep you around.Well done GB. Going home, one last little treat growing on the track side at London Bridge station.

Saturday, September 01, 2012


is my birthday month so for me, it is like New Year, a new beginning. Apart from the weather Summer has not been good with some health worries in the family. So I am trying to fill my mind. 
While I am waiting for the Spirit Cloth Diaries to begin I have been looking at all my bits and pieces that I have made while following Jude on Spirit Cloth. Some I have put aside for new projects and some I am trying to put to practical use. This "long cloth" had become a table runner.
A couple more pieces I think are going to become cushion covers. I have finished my Space cloth but I have to show it to some special people before I put it on here. Time now to unearth the Earth Cloth so I can work along with the Diaries.   Also need to re-organise my workroom it has become sadly neglected over the last few months.  I am writing all this like New Year resolutions to goad myself into getting on with it. 

PS.  for information to the BBC, Autumn does not begin on the 1st September. It begins with the Autumnal Equinox which this year is the 22nd September.