Thursday, January 24, 2008

North East memory

Sharon has been reminiscing about a holiday in Whitby in the north east of England. Being a mixed media artist she has some good pictures. She has a beautiful photgraph of Rievaulx Abbey
This is a photograph I took when we visited some years ago, someone from English Heritage, with great imagination, had placed this figure of a monk in the grounds, it had no face it was just the shape of a figure draped in a monks habit, it stood under the trees just "watching". Very effective and spine tingly!

This is a page I did in an altered book, the background of the "chapel" is a digitally altered photograph of some of the wonderful arches of the ruins.

Thanks for the memory jog Sharon.


Micki said...

Those pages are fantastic.

sharon young said...

Hi Pat
So glad you liked the post, I was totally captivated by the place, I loved everything about it.
Your altered book pages are super, I was only just commenting on Ro's blog theat I so admire this style of working, and would love to have ago, but I think I'd freeze being faced with a page of text. It needs to be done sympathetically, I think, as you've done, with the alteration matching the style of the original book.
I was very inspired by Holy Island , maybe I'll find the right book and start there!

Gina said...

I'm pleased you enjoyed the afternoon. Good luck with stitching on canvas - I look forward to seeing the results!
Gina x