Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I like these.....

very different ideas.
The first one is a link to a tutorial for makover of the kind of canvas bags they are encouraging us to use thses days. I thought was a good way to reduce stash and cheer up shopping day! Corry of Dutch Blue gave me permission to use her photograph.

I guess everyone reads Maggie Grey's blog but just in case you missed it back in January, ever inventive she wrote about swoopy photographs and now she has a novel use for the scanner. swoopy scans

This is a piture of the V&A by night when I went to the Couture Exhibition
and this is same swooped!

This is swooped photo with snake skin displacement map in Paint Shop Pro

This is my TIF piece swooped over the scanner

This takes skill I might tell you!!
This is it cropped and using the reflective mirror in PSP.

Can you see a jungle idol, or is that just me.
Great fun on a dull afternoon. She knows a thing or two that Maggie!!!


Unknown said...

Love the TFI piece after the scanner trick Pat,
My son used to do this when he was in college in the 80's he scanned some babies faces he had drawn in pastels, very spooky effect to me at the time :)

Purple Missus said...

Love the snake skin piece Pat. What version of PSP are you using?
I want to rush home now and see if I have got snake skin on my one.:)