Thursday, October 27, 2011

It was great....

I loved my first live American Football game, the whole experience was such fun. This is me on Wembley Way, you can see I didn't intend to be cold but in fact it the weather was just right.
A lot of the day was about flags, giant ones were passed tround the crowd
Everyone had one to wave.
National anthems
Cheer leaders
and the game
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18 - Chicago Bears 24
Goodnight Wembley, hopefully see you next year. That was some birthday treat!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

NFL comes to London....

and this time I was there.  Every other year the Fan Rally in Trafalgar Square has clashed with an EG meeting and of course there has bee no contest........this year I was ecstatic when my friends pointed out that I could attend as we don't meet until next week.  So this morning found me in Trafalgar Square.    I think I have explained before the thing that hooked me onto American Football was seeing what is known as a Hail Mary pass in one of the early televised games in the 1980's.  I have been always useless at throwing and especially catching (always the middle in "pig in the middle")so this as far as I was concerned was magic.Today I threw a touchdown pass to Wes be honest it was a picture of the delectable Wes and he didn't really catch it but I did put the ball through the hole.This has to be one of high spots of my life.  I know,.... simple soul.
It was a great day. The weather was literaly sparkling. There were all kinds of fun things going on.
and it was great to be entertained by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheer leaders
and the Chicago Bears  drum band
to see some of the players and coaches

and to see Cecil Martin up close.

It was a fun day and I am even more excited for tomorrow and the actual game.


the red planet, the god of war and memories of  Journey into Space. Who else remembers sitting close to the radio, riveted by the adventures of Jet, Doc Mitch and Lemmy.   I have never thought about it before but that is probably where my love of science fiction started. Before that was Dick Barton, Special Agent, eat your heart out James Bond. Dark winter nights and a cup of Horlicks before bed.  But I digress, or perhaps I don't,  perhaps this is part of what belongs to slow cloth, the time to think or reminisce.  Here is the my red planet, with canals

and with explosions
Only one more sleep to the NFL game at Wembley, as neither the Bucs nor the Bears are "my " team I'm not sure who I will shout for, probably both if they make it an exciting game.Must be careful not to have son disown me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A detour at Venus....

Over a week now since the Knit and Stitch.  I enjoyed the show this year, wasn't going to buy anything...but couldn't resist this...
from The Crochet Chain, enough to make a sweater in one huge ball,  just perfect for watching Australian Master Chef!!!!

All the planets are in place on Space but it needs a rest at the moment. This is Venus at the start, Goddess of Beauty, she is soft and a little bit sparkely.
 Goddess of Love she sends it out into the universe.
Other diversions were my most successful tarte tatin ever...
and yesterday under sky of the most amazing blue, a walk round the park and  through the woods at Knole 
 where we collected chestnuts and acorns and saw wondrous things...

and at home more wonder....a rainbow on the carpet.

 Excitment mounting because it is only one week to the NFL game at Wembley, my first live american football game,  a birthday present from my son.

Saturday, October 01, 2011


The planet nearest the sun and the first one to be put in place on  "Space"
Images of Mercury from theMariner 10 spacecraft show losts of craters and I was pleased how these turned out with just simple stitich. Mercury was of course the messenger of the gods so I gave it some wings.
and here it is in place.
 I have actually placed all the planets, I have missed out Earth because I have this dream in my head of making it the other side of the cloth. We shall see.