Tuesday, November 24, 2015


.....I think.  I put it aside as finished several times and then next time I looked there was another little gap to be filled but for the moment this is it.

It is a strange uneasy time in the world so I am grateful to be able to pick up a needle and block it all out. 
I have been busy completing things for our little textile group but can't show them yet.
I popped up to London to see my daughter and watched a student protest march as it passed by.

There did seem to be nearly as many photographers as there were students, all hoping for a riot no doubt but the whole thing seemed to pass off peacefully. I think the cost of the police presence with attendant helicopter might have paid off a few student loans. For people of my generation who remember the years after WW11 the word "austerity" has different meaning I think.  But they are young. Bless.
 I did quite like this shot.

So things to look forward to.  My sister in law is coming to visit this weekend and we are going to see my daughter in "Matilda"

Friday would have been my brother's seventieth birthday he would have loved this show so he will be in our thoughts. For years Brian's birthday was the start of Christmas, we weren't allowed to mention it until his birthday was done.  I remember once being told off for wanting to make paper chains. So it will be quite 
for me to go to Sew Not Strawberry Jam 
 for a Christmas themed workshop with Caroline Zoob
I hope the weather behaves as it has been a bit nippy this week and I did see some of the white stuff.
Stay warm and safe.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Mind blowing....

I have always had trouble with mirror imaging, as in trying to transfer a design.  Imagine my poor little mind when we went to the Dulwich Picture Gallery for an exhibition  of the work of  M.C.Escher
I am sure you are familiar with his works as I was, we even had a jigsaw puzzle once which nearly drove us crazy, but seeing them up close and the realisation that the woodcuts and lithographs were all worked in REVERSE had  my mind reeling.   An unforgettable exhibition. With all the intricacies of his later work I think this White Cat was my favourite.  So much detail in its simplicity.

This was pinned from his Gallery here
It was quite a dull day but the Autumn colours still shone through.

 I fancied a meerkat hiding in this tree but perhaps my mind was still twirling.