Thursday, July 24, 2008

Challenges contd.......

The TIF challenge "What is it to be at the Half Way Mark?" I played with "marks",and thought it felt "been there done that" and then "Way" as in the path that life takes but in the end I couldn't rid my mind of the old Glass Half Full/Empty thing. I first came across this when I was at school. I had changed in the second year from an all girls school to a co-ed, we had a lesson with the Headmaster, he was very tall and always wore an academic gown which used to billow out behind him as he strode the corridors. He learned every pupils name and could identify you from 500 yards, so you behaved when he was about and you behaved just in case he was about!!!! I digress. In one lesson he strode around the classroom pouncing on people and asking them "Whe you have drunk half of your drink is the glass half full or half empty?" I hadn't a clue what he was talking about and was terrified of giving the "wrong" answer, I stammered out "Half Empty" and slid in to the role of one of life's pessimists. So here is my Half empty Glass

I used the alphabet facility on my sewing machine to make the works Empty and full and free machined the rest.

Incidentally the Headmaster gave me a reference for my first job which I still have. He became less scary as the years went by and I hold his memory in a mixture of respect and affection.


I blame it on our lack of summer sunshine but I have been feeling really lack lustre, however I have finall managed to prod myself into activity so here are my submissions Calendar Girls 2008 and TIF

My card this month was for Carol and I wanted to do something metallic and funky but it just wouldn't come so I played with the original calendar page,

printed it onto cotton and added french knots and beads.

Still determined to get some metal in there, I added the three beads.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Will I never learn?...

I have a painting smock, I have a plastic apron and I have I yellow polka dot tee shirt because I didn't wear my painting smock or plastic apron!!!! I did remember the rubber gloves for once though.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


is something I am seriously considering This should have been written about four days ago. Blame our disgusting weather for robbing me of the desire to do anything but curl up with a book!! If this is summer roll on winter...Enough!!

Last weekend was terrific. I have to congratulate the organisers of the EG Eastern Region, Regional Day. I had a memorable day, no little thanks to the company I was in. The speakers were Diane Bates and Jean Littlejohn and Jan Beaney.What can I say about the famous duo. It was fascinating to listen to there different approach to the same subject. Listening to Diane's Northern accent and humour made me quite homesick and I just loved her outlook on the work she does.
The exhibition had some beautiful work, there were a couple of things I wanted to bring home, one was an artists's box and the other was a stunwork tree which revealed more the closer you looked.
The highlight of the day was being told by Lynda of Purple Missus that I had won the draw for her quilt,(thank you Will) I was so suprised and thrilled. It looks really good against my new grey walls so I am just trying to find the perfect place. This is Lynda's photo I hope she doesn't mind.
Another delight arrived on Monday, my post card from Carol See how pretty...

My last little happiness was to see a picture of my Cyber Fyber card, I lost the original picture when my machine crashed. Just look at all the other cards, what a wonderful exhibition this will be, I wish I could get there. Wouldn't it be great to have it at the Knit and Stitch next year.