Thursday, January 08, 2009


Severe frost with patchy freezing fog is the weather forecast for today, this is what it looks like in my garden

So something to amuse......

One of my big problems with altering books is that I love books...I now have a large box full of books which I bought to alter and then couldn't touch them becase they were interesting, beautiful or charming etc. Before Christmas I bought a book purely for it's size, about 7x5 inches and only about a third of an inch thick. Perfect. But, at home, on looking at it closer I found that it rejoiced in the title of "Better Done in France" by Lucille Devoy, intrigued I sat down to read...and I feel I have to share. The Foreword starts with the words "In these days of rigid economy as regards time and money", no change there then. It was published in 1947, so I hope I am not infringing any copyright, if anyone has an issue with this leave a comment and I will remove the posts.
So 1947 not only a different country but a different world. This is a little digital collage I made to accompany the extracts.

"To obtain extra wear from silk stockings, to ensure them keeping soft, and to prevent shrinking, use "sock boards" when drying the stockings after washing. These sock boards are made by pencilling around a new pair of hose, and from the pattern cut out,make or have made a pair of flat "legs" in thin wood or strong cardboard.
The newly washed hose are slipped on these wooden flat legs immediately they are laundered and hung from the line by a hook or loop".

So remember this next time you are disentangling your tights........Watch this space for occasional tips on what to do with to do with grey silk hose, butter in hot weather and other useful tips.

This is the next best thing to being able to visit the
Cyber Fyber video exhibition.
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