Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ant then two come along at once.....

Blog posts that is.

A lovely surprise this morning when these arrived in my mail. They are the ATC's from the Cyber Fyber International Random ATC Swap. They are so exciting in their variety.

This one is from Sazan Widecrantz, she doesn't appear to have a blog but I tracked her down on Quillting Arts here just scroll down to the Seahorse.
This one is from Arlee Barr of Albedo ,she , as I already knew, had a blog and was one of the invited artists for Cyber Fyber Lucky me!

And last but not least this unusual and exciting ATC. Unfortunately I have been unable to track down the artist. it is called Hope and signed J H Mitchell, no blog or e-mail so all I can do is say thank you wherever you are.

Thanks Again to Susan for all the organisation which went into to Cyber Fyber.


Stitchety Grub said...

Hey Pat lucky you! these ATC's are super!
I am still waiting for my 3 to wing their way to Australia ... hoping the postie will deliver them sometime next week....
Cheers Britt :-D

arlee said...

Glad to hear from a "recipient" and to know you are enjoying it:} Thank you, Pat!

Ingrid Dijkers said...

I received one of your beautiful ATCs from Cyber Fyber. Thank you for a beautiful addition to my collection!