Thursday, November 01, 2007

Look what I found......

Today I was looking for a little organza bag that I thought I had somewhere, as I seached the likely boxes I heard a little giggle and I lifted a box of beads and yes there were the pages of my little holiday book where they have been hiding for the last few weeks. I wagged my finger at them, in delight, and went to put them with the last page......oh yes! you are ahead of me aren't you. I CAN'T FIND IT!! My only consolation is that I know I didn't throw it our, just put it in a safe place in case the others ever turned up. It's just not in the safe place I thought it was. So next time I'm looking for something I should find it, the only problem is where to put these pages until then.

This is the page for Monacute House complete with tiny sampler that I made to represent the wonderful samplers which are on show there.

While I am here, thanks to Susan for the comment on my previous post. Take a look at here pieces, Archeology Project and the Collector on October 28th if you haven't seen them.

Just to show the American teams what they missed on their wet whirlwind visit here are some pictures I took at Wakehurst Place on Tuesday


Purple Missus said...

Your little holiday book will look fabulous Pat - once you get all the pages together :)
Did you do the sketch of Monacute House on site? I'm always envious of people who can sit anywhere and sketch.
I love autumnal colours. Everyday when I drive to work I go past the most beautiful trees and bushes and everyday I think to myself 'I must bring the camera tomorrow' and everyday I forget *LOL*
The same thing happened earlier on in the year when their were fields of borage as far as the eye could see - it looked wonderful and I kick myself for not photographing it because of course with crop rotation it won't happen again for some time. :(

Anonymous said...

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