Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's the time of year.....

As I flip round through my bloglines the same phrases keep appearing, "can't show you what I'm doing because it is a secret" and I'm in the same boat myself, I am working so hard on my project that I still don't know will work, all I can tell you is that it has involved a whole lot of machine stitching, oh all right then, just a peek as I am fairly sure the person it is intended for rarely looks here.

Also in spite of my often voiced "I don't even think about Christmas until after my brothers birthday" (four weeks to the day) I have to confess that I have started making my cards.
TAST this week stitch is Thorn stitch and I will play later in the week but Sharon is also looking to start a new challenge for next year and is asking opinions in a Design challenge and a Getting Things Stitched, full details are on
In A Minute Ago. It will be interesting to see what is chosen.

And finally for all you cat lovers out there, you may have seen this but it I have just come across it and I loved it, didn't dare play it too loud though in case my two joined in.
Talking Cat
If someone can tell me how to get the actual video into my blog I would be grateful.


sharonb said...

Thanks for spreading the word about the challenge Pat. I appreciate it

Anonymous said...

About getting the video onto your blog : go to the actual youtube page,cut and copy the url beneath the word embed. And place it into the code-space when you write you blog.
If you need more help/ or I can show you don´t hesitate to mail me...adress on the top of my blog....glad to help.....