Sunday, November 11, 2007


Thanks to Jacqueline for the link to Dianas Zeug - Design Blog, unfortunately I do not read German but this is what I call eye candy!!!

One of the joys of blogging is when you come across someone whose life is completely different to your own. The Pioneer Woman certainly fits that bill. A different sort of eye candy!! Another world. Marvellous. Incidentally if it's comfort food you want checkout her recipe for mashed potato!

Andrea of Up to Late as Usual posted this video of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra making a beer commercial. The conductor liked it.

My weekend wasn't entirely mis-spent I have added another page for my fabric book.


Susan Lenz said...

Your page is wonderful. I've bookmarked the link to Dianas Zeug's blog too. Also, thanks for the comment on my blog....I actually do wear the pearls almost everyday. I don't see why they can't compliment a t-shirt and shorts or a sweater and jeans....or absolutely nothing at all. Seems to work. I've quit wearing make-up. I don't color my hair. There's usually paint under my fingernails...but I'm still wearing my pearls!

Unknown said...

It is a pity you can't read german, but her pictures are also great to see!!! I was very lucky with this trade. I received my package today and I will put it on my blog later.