Monday, October 29, 2007

This and that.....

I think Bloglines put the clocks back a month instead of an hour, my post for the 29th September has come up instead of the post I did yesterday????
I visited Arlees blogs(5) as she had been so kind as to leave a comment and found this link to Brian Dettmer who gives a whole new meaning to altered books!!
Just a little coincidence. This morning I was stunned by the latest pieces on Purple Missus, she has done something amazing with an old denim skirt and this evening on our local television news they had a piece on an exhibition on denim "Indigo: A Blue to Dye For",which is on at the moment in Brighton. From the programme it looked really interesting

This is the bluest thing I could find in my collection.

I think I have mentioned before that I am a fan of American Football and I would like to apologise for the British Weather, yesterday the NFL brought a regular season game to London, the Miami Dolphons and the New York Giants, Saturday was a beautiful Autumn Day as was today and yesterday when we were on show to the whole of the USA what did it do but pour down. It must have reinforced every belief that London is just rain and fog. The worst bit was that where I live, about 20 odd miles from Wembley, it was dry. I hope it didn't put everyone off and that they will bring some more teams over. I am a long time Redskins fan(they won the first game I ever saw) and I also like to watch New England when they are not beating us 52-7 because they are known as the Pats(nothing to do with the fact that Tom Brady is a dish).


Susan Lenz said...

Thank you so much for your recent comment on my blog; but, more than that, thank you for your recent posts. I really admire your book and look forward to following the link to Brian Dettmer later today or tomorrow. Today, however, I followed the link to the World Beach Project, which is quite interesting but included passage to the V&A website. Why I hadn't thought of checking this out earlier, I can't say. It is fabulous. I've bookmarked it and plan on returning often. Thirty-nine pages of excellently photographed textiles are well worth repeated viewing. I also wanted to add this comment: Go Ohio State Buckeyes! Even though I generally follow college football, it is nice to know that there are other embroiderers who like watching the sport....I just didn't think there would be one in England! I love stitching while games are on television. The pace is perfect. When something really great happens, there is always a big cheer to alert you...just in time to look up for the instant replay! Thanks again for your posts and comments.

Kate North said...

Goodness, a Redskins fan. I grew up near the skins, and i have to say, NFL is one thing I don't miss AT ALL about living here rather than the US :) I did used to enjoy a good college football game though... Oh and it didn't pour rain where we are either (even less than 20 miles from Wembley). Figures, eh?