Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yes dear......

Overheard in Mark and Spencer Food department yesterday.

SHE "Shall we have eclairs?"
HE "Do you wanrt an eclair?"
SHE "...or Custard Tarts?"
HE "Do you want a Custard Tart"

last seen looking for the scones........

I love overheard snippets of conversation,

Speaking of Marks and Spencer, (that store where they play dreadful music....)
have you seen the Christmas advertisment (my pop up blocker won't allow so here is a still borrowed from the site)

Well that's my Christmas list done then!!!!


Carol said...

MMMMMmmmm I agreee! Love that ad!

Purple Missus said...

Oh no. Give me Johnny Depp any day!
On second thoughts, a bundle of fabric, a bag of beads and a box of threads would do me right down to the ground *LOL*
Weather not looking too good for tomorrow :(