Friday, November 16, 2007

Chain braid

No wonder the alternative name for this stitch is Gordian Knot stitch for, like the famous knot when this stitch goes wrong the only way to solve it is with a pair of scissors!!
This, for me, was the most difficult stitch of the TAST challenge since Oyster stitch way back in April..
My first mistake was choosing a design with corners, you will see I had to cheat on those....then I don't really like working with a hoop and then or course there is my inability to be neat and this is a stitch that needs neatness. I can see in the hands of a skilled embroideress it would be a wonderful tool and I am very glad I have attempted it but in future I think I will probably buy the ready made variety.
So here it is, warts and knots and all.


verobirdie said...

Funny how you have added knots to a knot!
I think your result is great.
I'll post mine tomorrow, just two straight lines. It is fun to do, but a hell to have it regular!

Anne Wigfull said...

At least you tried, and a very creditable attempt too. I'm still trying to work out where to put the thread in relation to the needle!

Unknown said...

Love the celtic knot...what a wonderful way to use this stitch!

sharonb said...

Yep great sample as it is not easy stitch.if you keep the braid really skinny it is easier to work and one of those stitches that the more you do the more it gets better.