Tuesday, November 06, 2007

TAST double......

I have been very naughty and missed a week on my TAST samples. This is why I have tried all along to complete them each week because I realised that it would be all to easy to create a backlog. (sings ...I know me so well)
This is my Drizzle stitch week 43, I am not quite sure it is right as I think I may have reverted to Cast On stitch (week 31) but I like the texture.

And this is rejoices in the title Zig Zag Knotted stitch, it took me a while to work it out but then I liked it so much I made a little piece of silk tops paper especially for it.

1 comment:

verobirdie said...

sshhh, I haven't made the drizzle stitch yet :-) That's the only one behind.
I like the color of your threads against the background.