Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Santorini cntd.......

I seems the beauty of Santorini is too much for some of you but if you find it irresistable you might like this property which is for sale.
This is a peek through the door

It only needs a little renovation!

Gardening space is scarce in this part of Santorini

and you need a head for heights,
but with views like these

who would care.
For you
Why I was taking this mystified a gentleman passing by!!!
As though they knew I would be unhappy at leaving they threw a  party on deck,
and then we slipped away from the island.  The snow had turned to diamonds.
I had a lump in my throat then and I have it again now, I do hope I can return one day.


verobirdie said...

If you return, I definitively want to be in your luggage! :-)

Tony Morris said...

Love the door picture

Jackie said...

Well I know why you took them...beautiful.