Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kusadasi and Ephesus...Part 1

An early morning breakfast in the Colonnade and then by coach to Ephesus. Our first sight was the smaller of the two theatres.

There is restoration work going on all round and our guide told us it will take 400 years to uncover it all. All the hills you see around hold secrets.
At one time it was the second largest city in the Roman empire and when you look down this main street you just need to replace the tee shirts with togas and you get a sense of what a bustling place it must have been. 
This is what our guide described as the "Bond Street" of Ephesus, small luxury shops with wonderful mosaic paving out side and a shady portico overhead.
Next to the shops were the terrace houses, homes of the very wealthiest people. How beautiful they must have been.

This room was described as the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world. The marble wall is being painstakingly rebuilt. The tables hold thousands of fragments.

 A bit of peeling paint and rust for you.

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Wonderful. Keep them coming!