Monday, September 13, 2010

First day.......

This is the easiest method of spreading a flavour of our wonderful holiday among my friends, so here goes.  I will try to include at least one "arty" photograph which you are welcome to download and use in any way you want.

Day one: we flew to Istanbul. If we had been wiser we would have gone the day before so that we could see something of the city!. As it was we had a bus to the yacht.  In the bay I have never seen so many commercial ships in one place.  I lost count at 48. Do click on all the photos for a closer view.

At the port we were welcomed with cold towels (something which became a feature) and a cool drink.  ID photos were taken and then we were welcomed on board.
 We joined our luggage in out cabin which you have seen and this is the bathroom.

We found our daughter and then went out on deck to watch the departure from Istanbul
Then a tour of the yacht to get to know it.
The tables in the bottom left hand corner is The Patio which became our favourite lunchtime spot and served the best chips in the whole world.
First of many wonderful meals in the restaurant and then bed,
Every evening  these were the sights that greeted us at the end of the day, with the addition of a few suprises (as you will see) provided by our wonderful strewardess Diana. On the board was the itinerary and menus  for the next day.
An today's "arty", this is the central staircase.
Have fun.

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Jackie said...

I'm sure this can't be a standard room can it? It looks very very luxurious. I always thought cruise cabins were tiny. Keep the pictures coming.