Friday, September 24, 2010


After the excitments of Ephesus a relatively quiet day, Bodrum is a bustling little town and was busy with tourists.  We missed out on the Underwater Museum because of the crowds and then found that by all accounts we had missed a treat. We did however visit the busy market,

and admired the pepple mosaics

back for lunch

a game of golf, it may look small but it was fiendishly difficult

leaving in the evening, this reminded me of the wedding in Mama Mia

The sunset for you
and one I played with
Went to bed in anticipation of visiting Santorini, somehwere I have wanted to go for about 15 years.

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Jackie said...

Lovely. I've been to Symi where they have those pebble mosaics in lots of places, even a taverna floor.
I've also been to the Mamma Mia Island..Skopelos.