Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 2.....

The Sea of Marmara and Dikili. Could a non sailor ask for a calmer sea than this.  We had to keep checking to make sure we were moving.

This is the whirlpool on our deck, can you feel the heat?

A little more exploration found the corridor to the main restaurant

and the library

Another visitor to Dikili, one of the Wind Star yachts.

There was trip to Bergama Pergamon but we were saving ourselves for Ehphesus.
This is deck 8
The "round window" is the roof of the spa and in the bottom left are the tables of the Patio.  Lunch here was perhaps one of my favourite parts of the whole journey. A glass of ice cold pino grigio and a buffet with everything from gaspacho to beef burgers. Salads, pizzas, dips the choice was bewildering but the chips(fries)......aah the chips, simply the best I have ever tasted.  We tried to find the secret but all we could get was that they were fried and then dipped in some magic formula and then fried again.  Oh, I miss those chips.

As we slip away from Dikili in the evening sun
I leave you with this detail from one of the sculptures on board to play with.

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Jackie said...

Did you get to swim in the sea? We've been to a Greek island near Turkey and the swimming in the sea was the best bit.