Monday, December 01, 2008

Ideas in the air.......

When I started blogging I was very much "into" altering books (hence the title of the blog....)then as I entered further into the blogging world I was drawn into other delights and didn't do much altering. There seems to be a plot afoot to get me back into it. When I spent the day with Jessie Chorley she spent some of the time preparing a book and that sent me home thinking I haven't done that for ages. Then Maggie posted the requirements for lesson 2 and it was an altered book. Finally I was contacted by someone from the Yahoo group Altered Books that I belonged to but hadn't visited for an age.

I rummaged around and found a book which I had half prepared. i.e the boring bit was done and I have tuned it into a journal. The book is blank pages ready for those meaningful thoughts but this is the first page, something I have wanted to make for ages.

Anyone who gets hooked by Maggies lesson will find the group very useful as there are loads of tips and experiences and some great pictures.

One of my big problems with altering books is that I think I have found the perfect book to alter and then when I get it home I find it is just to interesting or charming to alter and they are added to the other books I can't bear to part with. This happened when I was looking for a small book for Maggie's lesson. But more of that another day.

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