Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Christmas in Australia

on a Blazing Summers Day". A quote from a very different Jingle Bells from the one I know.It comes com[lete with translation. If you want a taste of what Christmas is like in warmer climes than the UK take a look at this post from Paula Hewitt You can also take a look at the beautiful sewing set she has made for her little daughter. I love that pin cushion!!.

And for after Christmas

Two exhibitions at the V&A Magnificence of the Tsars starts 10th December and Quilts starts March 2009

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muralimanohar said...

Took a peek at the song, and oh, man..I understood it all, no translation needed. The situation is getting dire..I need to go hooooome! lol You know what gets me here at Christmas? The fake snow in the windows, while we wipe the sweat off our face from the sweltering heat. Blah.

Are you going to see that Tsar exhibition at the V&A?? Lucky you. :p