Monday, December 29, 2008

Good game....good game....

(for those of you outside the UK this is a catch phrase of a TV personality)

Christmas Day we had a lovely day with the children(Yes, I know they're grown up but...)
it was only marred by the fact that DH had a pain in his leg. To cut a very long story, involving emergency doctors and 9 hours in local hospital, short he has a suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis, they are treating it and hopefully he will soon be fine but it certainly made for a different holiday break...anyone want some cold turkey???..... They kept asking if we had had a recent long haul flight...I wish!!!

The other games I am referring to I found thanks to a link from Carol and I see Anna is also playing. This is how they go:

You look where you have stored your photographs and you chose the 6th folder and then the sixth photograph. This is mine

This was in my Digital folder, one of my playtimes with displacement maps.

TRhe other game was to take the nearest book too you, no choosing, just the nearest....then you turn to page 56 and take the 5th sentence.

Well there is a reason why the book I had nearest to hand was there but that is for the New Year. Here is the sentence...

"For example, sheets that are getting a little worse for wear as "sheets" can be cut right way down and the sides hemmed up, and turned into a pair of curtains suitable for a backroom window, or for the nursery."

So darlings off you go and get busy.........and thank you Carol


Carol said...

Oh great picture, glad your joining the fun! What book was that from then? Is the credit crunch biting???

Purple Missus said...

Hope DH gets better soon - what a worry for you.
Love the digi photo - and the sentence sounds like something out of Mrs Beetons Household Management!

Stitchety Grub said...

Happy New Year Pat ... I was thinking of you the last couple of weeks as I have the little angel you sent last year on my tree and I can see it from my "comfy" chair ... I hope you are surviving the cold over there in Pom land
Britt West Aus :-)

JaneO said...

This sounds very like the good old "sides to middle" my mother taught me to rescue old sheets. (As they tend to wear in the middle, cut in half lengthways, flip pieces over and sew up the old side edges to make a new centre seam)does anyone still do this I wonder?