Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year.......

everyone, mine hasn't quite got off to the start I would have wished as DH is in hospital having his blood sorted but hopefully he will be home tomorrow or the next day.
In the meantime I have been doing some Family Treeing and catching up with some blogs. If you have time on your hands they have made a film of Neil Gaiman's
"Coraline". I was terrified by the book and the film looks charming but is probvably scary too. But there is fun to be had here Coraline and there is some fascinating stuff on how the effect were achieved including a video of how they knitted the tiny clothes for Coraline but you will have to search to find it. Have fun.

If you have been hooked on altering books by Maggie's lessons then you should enjoy this fascinating little video by Roberta Lavadour I found this link thanks to Laura K.

The Cyber Fyber exhibition starts soon and the work of the invited artists is now on dislpay here Congratulations to you all, it is going to be a wonderful exhibition. I am still hoping to get some ATC's there in time for the swap.

A new year, new beginnings and new challenges.(A new header, not satisfied with it yet though) A new Calendar Girl 2009 challenge will be taking place and it promises to be an exciting one. I failed in the Take it Further challenge, I fell by the wayside in November and am not sure if yet if I will commit to the new one which starts on January 15th it is called Stitch Explorer details here.

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hippopip said...

Hope that your husband is home fit and well very soon,loved your PC.