Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bits ands pieces....

My favourite are out of Strictly Come Dancing, I have loved watching Jodie Kidd and Ian Waite, they have been so refreshing in their attitude and their sense of fun. Won't be the same without them. Love this video of their "best bits"

While wandering I found these links. On the V&A Webb site Doroty Hogg is an artist in residence and has started a challenge which is open to all it is called Find..Make..Wear and has produced some very interesting jewellry which you can see onV&A Find Make Wear flickr. The rules are on this link

I found this fascinating and well worth watching on many levels."Don't let it all unravel"

STOP PRESS Helen Cowans has started a new blog in which she is going to document the History of Embroidery


Purple Missus said...

I agree! A ver lovely couple. Not sure who I am hoping will win either. Austin is very good but I just don't think he has improved, if you know what I mean.
Would love Vincent to win - so if they let Vincent dance with Austin then thats who I would put money on.
Was suprised to see Zara Phillips in the audience - not suprised she turned them down though, wonder how it would have gone down with Her Majesty if her granddaughter was dancing on the telly in a skimpy outfit showing her thighs and her boobies :)

seth said...

Great unravel video!