Monday, December 15, 2008

Retail Therapy.....

Well, window shopping really. I needed to go to London to buy a Christmas present and I also wanted to see the Giacommetti statues at the Royal Academy which ends January 2nd.

I like these small exhibitions at the RA, you don't become so overwhelmed. After the exhibition I made my annual pilgrimage to see Fortnum and Mason's windows. This year the story was the Ice Queen,

The a drool through the Burlington Arcade and up Bond Street, didn't dare take photographs in these in case they though I was planning a heist. Though I did take one of Fenwicks in Bond street. Gorgeous model don't you think.
More fun for the kiddies in Debenham's windows

Selfridges next with Father Christmas getting up to all sorts of things.

I don't know what the genteel ladies who used to buy their dimmity and lawns from Liberty's would think of this window
. A wander down Carnaby Street
and a final look at the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square which is a gift from the people of Norway.

Oh sorry did I not mention the visits to VV Rouleaux, the Bead Shop and a shop selling old fashioned Sweets!!!


Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Oh my Goodness that is spooky - I'm just about to get on a train to London to do almost your identical route. I always love Liberty the most!!

Genie said...

Lovely photos Pat,
have not been to London for years.
Happy Christmas wishes from Devon

Purple Missus said...

OOh, lucky you. I remember when we used to take the children up to see 'the lights' - haven't done it for years now.
You must write a list for me one day of all these little shops you seem to know in the capital. :)

Paula Hewitt said...

What Great Christmas window displays. I think my favourite is the model in Fenwicks ;). I wasnt expecting anything quite so racy in Liberty - not the vision of Liberty i have at all.

verobirdie said...

oh thank you for those windows. I like them!

Tony Morris said...

You look so thin in the first sculpture!

muralimanohar said...

Ooh...Christmas windows!! I need to take the kids to see the windows here this year, too!