Saturday, December 13, 2008


For some time now our last remaing cat has been showing signs of her 19 years. She has been lonely, I think, since Thomas died just before last Christmas. Last Sunday evening she started to walk into things and we realised she had become blind. We thought we would have to take her to the vets then but for the whole of this week she has been amazing, she has found her way around, even going out, much to our concern. Last night however there was a marked change she became disorientated and was mewing in some distress and this morning we said goodbye. She was a pretty little thing and a bit of a flirt, always made a beeline for any men coming into the house. It is the first time in 33 years that we have not had a cat in the house and it seems very still and quiet. The weather isn't helping, grey and dismal. I think this is the time to try out that Rocky Road recipe!!!!!


Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear your news Pat, sending a hug :)

Doreen G said...

It seems to be a recurring thing for you at this time of the year Pat my heart goes out to you.
We had our cat put to sleep about 6 years ago and even as recent as 2 days ago I was walking past the glass door in the kitchen and saw him there (well actually it was my black shoes)where he always used to sit waiting to be let inside.
More big hugs coming your way.

Lauren said...

i'm so sorry... makes me want to go snuggle our two kitties.

Tony Morris said...

Hi Pat, we knew about Electra'a blindness, but we thought that she was coping. We are both very sorry that she didn't make it, and we'll miss her when we pop in next week,

Maggie Grey said...

So sorry, Pat. we lost an elderly moggie in just those circumstances - first realised that she couldn't see when she fell in the pond. The vet said it was a stroke. At least there is no terrible decision to be made, which is a small comfort.



muralimanohar said...

The saddest thing is saying goodbye to an old friend. :(