Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A door..

I thought it was about time that I posted a piece of work. I am working on a couple of pieces but I am not sure how they are going to turn out but I am not slacking..honest.

This is a kindness door because it was made on a piece of velvet which a kind friend gave me. It is made from silk rods which were part of a birthday present from my son.They are coloured by a mixture of paints and sprays and then embellised onto the velvet. I added some small beads to represent the studs. Hopefully this will be part of a bigger piece.

I was thrilled when I was catching up with Susan Lenz' blog. I sent her some beads when I sent her my Cyber Fyber card as when I saw them they reminded me of the gorgeous blues of her work and I thought she might be able use use them sometime and she has.


sharon young said...

Hi Pat
This piece is looking very sumptuous, I love the beads you used for the door studs.
Susan's piece looks great to with your beads on it.

Genie said...

Door looks great