Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ally Pally....

I want to go back but it's just not possible. I thought I had been such a good girl and bought postcards and made notes (in my list book) and even had a few photographs but why do the thoughts of, "how did she do that?" "What was the colour combination of that?", wait until you are home? And why did I pick up the Kozo fibres and then put them down again?

I loved the mad crochet coral reef in the entrance hall,

and the giant piece of knitting

I enjoyed the shopping (except for the kozo fibres) and there was so much that I liked that I can't possibly get them all in. There was the wonderful kimono made of tiny sqaure beads by Takako Sako, the art of Louise Gardiner which made me smile and the Jessie Chorley delights. There was the fabulous fantasies of Diane Bates and the charming stumpwork of Barbara and Roy Hirst There was a quick visit to Maggie Grey to pick up a must have copy of textile translations,Clive told me she will reveal what to do with our catalogues on April 1st!!!! A visit with Dale which resulted in buying a wonderful bunch of fibres I didn't know I needed. I loved the Graduate Showcase this year and I hope they achieve their dreams and ambitions. It was great to meet with Lynda I am really looking foward to the new Fibre In-form workshop which starts on Friday.
As I look through my catalogue I can see there is a lot I missed, next year I am planning for two days.
So full of ideas, don't know where to start. Perhaps tidying my workroom might help!!!

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Doreen G said...

It's always the way Pat---when you get home and check the catalogue and realised what you missed-----