Thursday, September 25, 2008

Special day....

Today we have been married 47 years. Normally we just say "Happy Anniversary" and get on with whatever, today was a lovely September day, the kind we have been missing in the dreadful 'no summer'. So today we first thought of going to Brighton but then decided on Beachy Head, somewhere we have never been.
This is the famous lighthouse and I have to confess this is towards the end of our day because first of all we visited Alfriston Clergy House which was the first building bought by the National Trust. We were just bowled over by the charm of the village and of the house and particularly the gardens.

This is the 'back' door

and the apple tree

These 'friends' were in the village

This is my first view of the famous "Seven Sisters"

and here the magnificent cliffs (see the tiny people for scale)

I had wanted to contribute to the wonderful V&A World Beach Project but, typically, didn't get the idea of what I wanted to do until we arrived home....ah well an excuse for another day.
PS. I even did some stitching in the car on the way down. Lovely day!


muralimanohar said...

Well, congratulations!! That is fantastic!! :D

I *love* the World Beach Project!! I have a whole post on it somewhere in my blog...something about stones arranged in patterns just totally excites me. I keep planning on trying it myself, too, but it just never seems to come together yet. :p

Purple Missus said...

Well Pat, all I can say is you must have been a child bride :)
Looks like you had a really lovely day.
Much better than in the last post.
I blame the parents, who unfortunately would be the children of our generation. What did we do that was so terribly wrong?

jude said...

Congratulations Pat, hope it was a splendid day!

Further to my mysterious 'I need to talk to you' as I wafted out of the door on Saturday afternoon, I now have more news of an opportunity which I thought you might be interested in taking up - drop me an email please!