Sunday, October 26, 2008

At EG yesterday....

there was the rather unusal sight of one lady taking close up pictures of another ladies bosom. It has been a spectacular Autumn so far and yesterday I uneathed my Autumn sweater to wear to EG. I bought this sweater some years agao when we visited New England in the fall. Each year since I have worn it at this time of year and then I put it away again. Yesterday one of the girls was so taken with it she asked if she could photograph it so she could have a go at reproducting the patter, hence the photographs. We then decided a scan might be better so this morning I have had the fun of trying to scan a sweater (I did take it off), I thought others might like the leaves as well

In the centre pages of the Mail on Sunday there was an amazing picture of an owl taken byThomas Dressler, he has some great photographs of Africa, Spain, Morocco, Cuba and South West America. The one of the owl is in the South Africa, Portfolio Wild Africa and there is also a brilliant photograph of two monkeys.

Just found this on my dashboard. Forgot to push the publish button!!!!


Tony Morris said...

A brave admission, I would be too embarrassed to admit I'd seen the Mail on Sunday!

Tony Morris said...

Clicked too early, see
for the Thomas Dressler site. Great Photos, and no Mr angry from Tunbridge Wells in sight.