Monday, October 06, 2008

Season of lists and expensive fruitfulness........

With apologies to John Keats!!!
First of all, I have been moved to put watercolour pencil to paper to record what seems to be a rare and expensive object. The Aubergine.

Yes, well I know it's an aubergine. Now what I want to know is WHY? Why, whatever time of year it is and whatever supermarket you go into, aubergines are 99p each. Is it just me evil mind or does this smack of price fixing? And have you noticed on other products, increasingly, biggest isn't necessarily cheapest. Buyer be aware!!!! These supermarkets are tricky blighters.
Never wanting to waste an opportunity, I played with my picture and produced these digitally enhanced versions.

Now LISTS. Well I have to say the theme of Lists for the TIF challenge did absolutely nothing for me, I gave it quite a bit of thought throughout the month but nothing lit a spark. Truth is I make lists just like everyone else but then I leave them on the table or, if I am having one of my good days, I take it out of the house and then leave it in the car!!! When I make a list I always do it the same way, I take piece of paper out of the printer and fold it in four so it's like a mini book.
This morning I was trying to make a list for the Knitting and Stitching show on Friday so I don't come back with the same things I bought last year......and then I found this little tyvek book cover I made some time ago
and then of course I had to put some paper inside. The I thought that talented people I hope to meet might see my list I thought I'd better paint the papers.
So here it is contribution to last months TIF (yes I know it's a complete cheat)
now all I have to do is complete the list and put it in my handbag.


Guzzisue said...

you got further than me with the September challenge= well done

sharon young said...

I love your thought processes on the TIF, brilliantly worked out and the little book cover is gorgeous.
As far as the price of aubergines are concerned, I'm afraid I could never see the attraction, except of course for the fantastic colour which you've really caught in sketch 3.
Hope you manage to post your thoughts on the K&S, I'm going on Saturday with my DD2 for a girlie jolly.

Julie said...

What a beautiful book Pat! Lovely colours and I like the tyvek. Maybe that's the answer to lists - make them pretty and then we'll remember to take them. lol