Friday, March 21, 2008

Wonderment and a Puzzle

Yesterday was a special day. DH, me and our two children(grown up but you know...)went to the British Museum to see the First Emperor exhibition and to wonder at the Terracotta Warriors.
This picture is from Wikipedia, no copyright breach intended, this photograph illustrates what was so wonderful, it is difficult to describe how the very stillnes of the firgures made them more life like There was one in particular that I gazed at for a long time, feeling that at any moment he would turn his head and smile at me.I so wanted to touch. The farmer who found the first head must have had a terrible shock. The expressions on the faces are a marvel, each so different on the ones on show and this apparently applies to the 7000 that they have found so far. The detail on them is also amazing,there are a lot of photographs on flickr by people who have been fortunate enough to visit the site in China. One part I wasn't expecting were the beautiful birds, cast in bronze. One bit that we all loved was exhibit which showed how the figures were constucted in an "assembly line", it was a truly special day.

Now can anyone tell me how it is that hens only lay brown eggs these days???? Young Mr Sainsbury didn't know. I went to buy some eggs to make pasche eggs, more of that at the weekend but all the eggs were brown and I wanted white ones. How strange!!


Guzzisue said...

I suspect the egg colour is a result of what the public wants, the public gets!! but have you seen the lovely green/blue pastel shade eggs for sale in some supermarkets?

Anonymous said...

different breed produce different colour eggs (I thought brown chicken = brown eggs, white choickens = white eggs, when I was a kid, but then what do black and speckled chickens have?) - Leghorns and Anconas produce white eggs; Australorps, Rhode Island Reds and Light Sussex produce brown eggs

Potiron said...


I understand they are coming to France soon and I'll make it point to go!!!!

Thank you for sharing

sharon young said...

Hi Pat
You lucky thing. Stupidly I left it too late to get tickets for the Terracotta Warriors and when I went to book a couple of weeks ago I discovered they had sold out. There were tickets on Ebay but at a rediculous price.
It sounds lie you had a wonderful day, thanks for sharing it with us.
Thank you for dropping in on my blog and leaving your lovely comment, I hope you find the process useful.

coral-seas said...

Hi Pat, I saw the exhibition back in September and thought it wonderful - well presented and very informative. Like you I found one guy (a head) that I could hardly tear myself away from. Double bonus for me - there was also an exhibition of contemporary Japanese craft on at the museum. Sadly, no embroidery but some stunning weaving.