Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter....

or should that be Christmas judging by the fact that we woke up to snow this morning!! It hasn't stayed though. This morning I tried turning brown eggs into pasche eggs this morning and much to my suprise the results weren't too bad. Pasche eggs were what we had at Easter when I was little. They are actually just hard boiled eggs which can be decorated in anyway you think fit but my mother's way was to place a flower, like a primrose on the egg and wrap them in onion skins binding them with cotton. Foolishly I forgot to photograph this but you can see it here. The eggs are then boiled and when they are cool comes the magical moment of removing the skins to reveal the wonderful patterns and if you are lucky a perfect imprint of the flower.

In the Barrow in Furness they used to display the eggs in the window, I think there was probably a fair bit of rivalry over the displays. I couldn't find a picture so I had a go at drawing what it looked like.
This is just one window but the whole street would look like this.
There is further explanation of pasche eggs here and what they are used for here. We used to roll them against each other to see who had the hardest shelled egg.
I couldn't resist having a play in PSP with the two photos. This is after I ran the "art" script on them. What fun.

Happy Easter.


Marg in Calgary said...

'Barrow in Furness'?! This is where my grandmother, Margaret Gibb, was born! She emmigrated to Canada as a girl with her parents, Alexander Gibb and his wife...whose name escapes me just at the moment. They settled in Westmount, Quebec (a city on its own within the City of Montreal) where he was part of the team of gardeners for Westmount Park (he'd been a green-grocer in Barrow-in-Furness)... I have her birth certificate, but have never managed (yet) to visit. Can you enlighten me? This is such a blessed serendipity!


Margaret in Calgary, AB, Canada

Purple Missus said...

Those two photos that you manipulated are amazing. Makes you wonder now about other art you see on the net :)
Which version of PSP do you use?