Saturday, September 01, 2007

Information overload..................

This weekend I have experienced what can only be called an information overload, on the same day I received Fibre and Stitch, Cloth, Paper and Scissors and yesterday, Workshop on the Web., not to ignore the fact that I hadn't yet completed my TAST this week.

CPS and WOW were both very good issues and right up to standard, F&S, if it keeps up this standard, will be very good and at the moment the Yahoo Group for F&S(which is by invite), has so many messages,that I can't keep up.

But now to this weeks TAST. When I read Shisha stitch my heart sank as I once spent a miserable afternoon in a Workshop trying to come to attach a mirror. Suprisingly I couldn't find the mirror!! But I did find some large sequins and managed, hoorah, to fix them to the cloth. Thanks Sharon!!! I always associate India with bright rich colours mainly because of this small but brilliant Phaidon book on India so here is my TAST sample for this week.

Not as bright as in reality but my computer seems to have a problem with red and pinks. Little does it know it is soon to be replaced. I hope!!!


JoWynn Johns said...

wonderful! What a great way to use the stitch. It looks as though I am peering into a secret place. Great colors, even as seen here.

Angela said...

Your Shisha piece is wonderful!