Monday, September 03, 2007

Who's a lucky girl then...

What a lovely way to start the week.

The first thing that dropped through my door today was this lovely scrim I had ordered from Lynda, Purple Missus.
The depth of the colours is wonderful.

While I was still admiring the scrim another package came through the door and this was from Britt, Stitcherty Grub .

Don't you just love that sleepy little koala bear?

The bottom ATC has a little story attached.

Once upon a time a lowly duster crossed land and sea until it reached a far away land, this must have been a magical place for when the little piece of duster finally arrived home it was transformed into something sparkly and beautiful!!!
Ir this the most travelled ATC I ask myself. Thanks Britt, what fun.

But that wasn't all,

Britt also sent this card, her wonderful little scrissor-keeper (makes it so easy to find your scissors) and a bag or wonderful bits.

Well this was all too much for me, I headed for my workroom and my embellisher and this is the reult. Some of Lynda's scrim, some or Britts threads, and a bit of organza, no idea in my head but this is what appeared.

There are only three stitches in this piece, those holding down the "eye", the rest is all the embellisher. Marvellous machine!

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