Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a delight......

It is not often you can say that about an AGM but today was the AGM of the Sevenoaks branch of the Embroiderers Guild and the guest speaker was Frances Pickering. We have only had a months break but it seemed longer and it was lovely this morning to settle into the familiar pattern of chat and stitch, admiring expertise and sharing techniques and laughter.
The business part of the day was swiftly accomplished and we settle down to the delights of Frances' books. She generously allowed the books to be passed round so that you could feel them and admire them in detail. For the last few weeks I have been thinking that what I wanted to do is to get back to making books and now I am certain. I am determined to find a way to bring together all the techniques I have been learning.

Speaking of which I would like to thank whoever posted the link to Suzi Blu , I should have made a note at the time, if you read this please leave a comment so that I can thank you properly. Suzi's videos of journal keeping are another delight. I am a fan and have promised myself to start this week while we are away though I won't have full access to all my goodies, (luggage will probably be vetted!!!)I will have some bits and pieces with me.

This is one I made earlier whilst on holiday in Cyprus.


coral-seas said...

I did a whole weekend workshop with Francis a couple of weeks ago and your are right, it was pure delight.

Joanna Kostrzewa of Friendsheep
had a link to Suzy Blu yesterday, I don't know if that is the link you followed.


Purple Missus said...

It was on SharonB's 'in a minute ago' blog that you saw the link for the video clip Pat.
Have a good holiday.

sharonb said...

Yep I posted a link to Suziblue Isn't she just great! Glad the link inspired you