Thursday, September 27, 2007

No fanfares......

Last Thursday I posted a piece in which I mentioned our wedding anniversary. Lynda of Purple Missus (have you seen what she posted yesterday?) left a comment which had Ken and I laughing.
She said

"The 46th Wedding Anniversary does not have any traditional materials or Symbols associated with it.

A contemporary or modern 46th anniversary gift has a theme of Original Poetry Tribute.

This Wedding Anniversary does not have any Flowers associated with it.

This Anniversary does not have any Gemstones associated with it.

So it looks like you and DH are going to have to write each other a poem :)

Well my particular DH is not the one for poetry but I thought "How sweet" and decided to have a go.

This is the result.

46 years
no flowers
nor fuss,
no gemstones

just us...........

.........(I did set this out in modern poetry fashion but blogger thought better!!))

I was going to present him with it on the day unfortuately we both forgot it completely and it was not until yesterday when someone asked me the date that I remembered. Heigh ho!!!

This is the way we were............

We are off to Somerset on Sunday, with fingers crossed for the weather after our wet weather in Cyprus. I have probably said this before but the reason we are going is to visit Tyntesfield one of the National Trust's latest treasures. I hope to come back with loads of wonderful photographs like this. I wish.

Courtesy National Trust

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Tony Morris said...

What did Ken say to the poetry idea?
my guess is "b*gger off".
love to you both!