Sunday, February 26, 2017

Something completely different.......

 For my 1 Year of Stitches this week I have started a picture of trees, for myself this time.  I made one each for my son and daughter for Christmas, they were pleased and I thought "I want one". I am using some wonderful material  from The Cloth House. At £38 a metre it is the most expensive material I have even bought but it is perfect for this job. It is slow progress as it will be seen from both side I need the back to look neater than I normally do,.
If you are wondering about my little world, I have decided to have if framed professionally so I need to ask there advice before putting in the final stitches.

A good week n the whole. It started with a visit to Hidden Figures . I really enjoyed this film and think it derserves far more accolades than La La Land. Learned a lot, laughed and cried, what more can you want from a film.

I finished my Cronwall book, moderately pleased with it. It was difficult to photograph because of the size and shape. It is made from the black cards which come with DH's Royal Mail stamps. they are approx 9x5inches. I covered them with old Gelli print papers and then a mixture of paints and  collaged photographs from our holiday back in 2012.

I like the way it will stand up as well though I couldn't get a good angle to photograph.

The other highlight of the week was a meeting with 'the Girls'.  Always a joy we tried our hands at needle felting.  Our animals may not win prizes but we had the best fun.
Blue bunny.
 Bad angle on this, he has a wonderful beak.
  Mine was supposed to be a sheep but ended up as a sheep dog..... possibly.

I came across this, forgot to keep link.

Crafting is a major growth activity internationally – it generates a retail economy of over £3.5bn in the UK alone. Almost 70% of British women have crafted in the last year – that’s over 18 million people. Craft Intelligence is our influential, biennial study of the crafting habits of UK females, conducted by Kantar. And the number of young crafters is growing rapidly – in the UK, crafting among 16-34 year olds is up 9% in the last year. And 23% of UK women have tried a new craft in the last year.
Bluewater   and others please take note.

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